When To Stop Using Car Seat?

Car seats are very important for your child’s safety when traveling on a road. They can turn dangerous when not installed properly. Even if your child says that he wants to move out of the car seat you should not make the decision of doing it unless they are ready for it. You will have to consider several things before determining to move your child from car seat. Many children will shift from using a car seat to a booster seat. The booster seat is the final step that the child takes before they start using only the seat belt. The following are a few things one should keep in mind to learn when a child should stop using car seat. The Easymomsguide site will provide you with necessary information on limits for your child to stop using car seat.

Laws in certain places determine the limits for children being in car seats. These laws vary from state to state and it does not mean that once the child reaches these limits they can switch but it is the basic requirement that you have to keep in mind. Next, the height of the child has to be considered for using the car seat. The general height limit agreed upon is 4 foot 9 inches and once the child reaches this limit he can switch to a regular seat belt. This height limit ensures that the child is able to sit comfortable in the seat and their knees are bent at the edge of the seat without dangling.

Likewise, your child’s weight also plays a major role in using car seat. If your child is too light then using regular car seat is not recommended. For your child to use the seat belt he should weight between 80 and 100 pounds. This weight is normally reached by a child when his age falls between 8 and 12 years. However, age is not important when determining car seat. You always have to consider the size of your child rather than his age. Once they are ready to use the seat belt, you will have to consider how the belt rests on their body. The belt should comfortably sit across their chest and on their neck. If everything seems to be fine he is all ready to ride up front with you.