How to Use Your Garden to Fight Pollution – A Complete Guide

Pollution is a global level issue. If you think that there is very little that you could do as an individual to combat this problem, think again! Something as simple as maintaining a healthy garden can go a long way in fighting pollution. This includes pollution indoor and outdoor. If you have a huge garden, you could nurture big trees that not only increase the aesthetic appeal of the house but also clean the air around. If you live in cities where it is hard to find a space to grow plants, indoor plants are your best buddies.

Vertical gardens to fight indoor air pollution

Indoor air could be polluted from the fine dust and debris that circulates in the room. During winters, the formation of mildew could be another reason for the indoor air pollution. And then there is the emission of harmful gases from the air conditioners, refrigerators, and other such household appliances. Finally, there are the cleaning agents that you use around the house. All of these release fine pollutants in the air. Vertical gardening can add accent to your wall and also filter the indoor air.

There are several plants that are known to be great in air purification. Snake plant, areca palm, and even the most commonly found ivy plants can freshen up the air and remove the dust and harmful chemicals in the air we breathe. This is why increasing the number of plants you have indoor would be a good way to reduce pollution.

When it comes to decorating your garden you can choose solar lights. This would be part of your go-green efforts. ClimateCounts Solar light ratings can be very useful if you are buying solar lights for the first time. These lights look great and also rely on green energy.