How to Make a House Tour on Instagram

To reach the young audience, the best way is to approach them through social media. Nowadays, the young adult even the middle-aged group spends most of their time in their phone. You could use the Instagram platform to conduct a tour of the real estate property that is for sale.  You need to find ways to grab the attention of the people and attract them to watch a housing tour on their Instagram account. Just like one gains admirers for those lovely self created soundtracks with the help of soundcloud follower, the same applies for the housing tour.

Idea is to offer a curated tour of the house that’s on display for sale. Photographs and videos would be taken on the premise and will be shared on Instagram.

Below mentioned are few tips to make the house tour for uploading in Instagram.

Make it unique- The participants should be offered a new experience with the tour.  You should be able to reveal the best features of the property and highlight areas which attract people like backyard, lounge area, spacious rooms, etc.

Be organized- You need to keep a particular time slot for uploading the housing tour and it should be advertised or made known to people well in advance. There would be many people who would watch the tour last-minute.

Choose a good communicator who can host the video- You need to ensure that the guide who is in the video who gives the housing tour should be a good speaker and a great storyteller. Their knowledge of the property matters a lot. Also, the guide should know which spots would be of interest to people.

Promote specific hashtag- The hashtag given for the tour should be relevant to the video and should highlight the housing tour of the area where the property is located. It helps people to easily find the video on time.