How to Get Rid of Ants in Vegetable Garden

Growing your own vegetables can be a very fun and rewarding hobby. However, when you start to get pests in the garden, things get a little more difficult, and you can be left feeling annoyed when your hard work is being undone. Here, we will look at some effective ways to get rid of ants in the vegetable garden, so you can grow your own veg with confidence.

One of the most common ways to get rid of ants is the garden is actually very simple yet effective. You’ve probably heard about pouring boiling water over an ant hill to destroy it, and this works really well. However, sometimes it’s not possible to see the hill, which makes this method impossible. Thankfully, there are other effective home remedies you can try.

A nice, natural solution is to plant other crops nearby to deter the ants, and keep them away from your vegetable garden too. There are a few plants which are known to repel ants, such as catnip, mint, garlic and chrysanthemums. It’s also possible to buy nematodes, microscopic worms which use ants as a host to survive, quickly killing them within a day or two.

There are some natural substances which can also be used to help keep ants away from your plants. Diatomaceous earth is one example – this is a substance which appears as a fine powder, but the particles actually have sharp edges which will puncture an ant’s body causing death. Food-grade versions are safe for vegetable crops, and also won’t harm pets or people.

If you’re in central Scotland and need to get professional help to get rid of ants, try searching for ant control Glasgow. They can offer more effective treatments if you are unable to solve the problem using simple home remedies, and will help to prevent the problem from coming straight back.