Home Swimming Pool Safety and Security Tips for Kids

Did you know that drowning is responsible for nearly a third of children’s death due to unnatural causes? Drowning in a private pool which seems safe is actually in the top 3 causes of death for pre-teen kids.

While the stats are quite scary to begin with, there is more glaring statistics, for every drowning there are 10 almost drowned kids which can leave your child with permanent injuries which may never heal.

All these statistics may be scaring you, but the scariest is that 2 thirds of all instances of drowning happens when children are not given the right amount of supervision and training. Supervision will likely prevent 90% of most of these incidents but it’s not bulletproof.

Get a security or pool alarm to alert you if your child is in imminent danger

You should probably have a camera trained on your pool at all times in case of any possible dangerous activities that your child might be doing or are in the process of doing, you can be adequately informed of before putting your child at serious risk.

Swimming pool barriers and fences

To make sure no one attempts to kidnap or take advantage of a child, you should invest in some pool fences to make sure no one can infiltrate into the area.

Make sure your kid stays hydrated

If your kid is spending large amounts of time at the pool area, they may be fooled into thinking that just because there is water around nothing will occur to them. Actually, most cases where dehydration can occur is due to this misconception. You can get sunburned or go dizzy, both of which can lead to your child drowning. Make sure to also make sure that your kid stays out of trouble when it comes to heatstroke’s, which can occur due to lack of water. Not to mention that you can often give them some delicious drinks.