How to Prepare Your Place For a First Date – A Complete Guide

I remember when I was a store manager; a lot of people came looking for clothes to wear on their dates!

I found that cute. Like these people actually, go an extra mile to look perfect on their dates. But that is when the date is outside the home, what happens when the date is indoors as if your partner decides to call you on at your apartment. Don’t you think that your home should be an extension of your personality; more like a statement about yourself?

Making your home date ready is really worth the effort:

The way your home is on your date sends a big message about who you are as a person. That obviously means that you need to look after the smaller details but this is not exactly the time for a complete makeover of your interiors.

Obviously, you are low on time and you have to look after a lot of things there if you are single or sharing a room with other people but there is not too much to be worried about if you follow our professional guide to getting your apartment date ready!!

Round up your laundry:

It’s is a good idea to round up all the clothes that are scattered across the rooms and wash the sheets and the towels. Drape clean sheets, curtains and keep handy clean towels so that there is freshness in the air.

Perfumed candles and air deodorizers:

Using scented candles and air fresheners in the rooms after a thorough cleaning can let out all the stale air out or at least mask it. Choose fragrances with care so that they are not too annoying and strong. Keep your date’s preferences in mind before choosing the right perfume lest it can turn out to be more harmful than helpful.

Keep your stuff handy:

The first date is really to get to know your prospective partner a little better. It is a great idea to ask them about their fetishes when you meet again. You could start off the conversation with if they are into any fetishes at all and what do they think of useful tools like the loveplugs! Once they warm up to the topic you can take it to the next level.…

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