How to Easy Locate and Determine if a Wall Is Load Bearing

There are some areas that need extra attention when you are renovating your house, especially if it is really old. It is crucial to find out which of the walls are supporting the house and their load-bearing capacity. It is even more difficult to identify the load bearing walls in the house that have undergone previous renovations. Hence it is always advisable to seek the help of an architect before you touch any of the walls.

For your own personal knowledge knowing these major walls is helpful. Here are a few tips to locate them.

Load bearing walls are those walls that carry the entire weight of the house on their shoulders, literally. These walls run from the roof through the floors to the foundation. These walls are one over the other on each floor because of their function. All exteriors walls are by default load bearing.

In the foundation

Go to your basement and look for the metal I beam or even thick wooden beams. Any wall directly above these beams is a load bearing wall.


Check out the floor joists

Floor joists are usually either looking up to the first floor or they are looking down from the roof. Load bearing walls are always placed at the intersection of joists. But again, it is not necessary that a load bearing wall is always present at the intersection of joists.

Walls that don’t have any supports or posts cannot be load bearing. But invariably walls that support roof rafters and under 3 feet are on top of load bearing walls.

The center of the house will have a clue

Look out for walls that are in the center in the first and second floor, they are usually sitting on top of the basement beam.

This knowledge will be useful for some DIY projects but for more important renovations seek someones review like that of a professional.

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What To Know Before Starting a Home Addition – A Complete Guide

Home addition projects can demand more time and efforts that simple home remodeling projects. Adding a structure on to the existing structure be it a small addition or a big one comes after a lot of considerations.

Start from scratch

Often when you look at the prevailing building you might not really be able to let your creativity flow outside the box. Imagine having a piece of land to work on and then move on to the stage where you might be adding layers either rooms on the same floor or perhaps an extra deck or patio or even an extra story. With this new idea merged on to the existing plan, you can create a better effect.

Structural integrity checks

You should be able to ensure that the checks for the structural integrity of the primary structure are all complete before you start working on the home addition projects. After all, you would need a strong basic structure to be able to plan an add-on. Inspection of the building should be done ideally by a professional. Any possible leaks or issues with the foundation should all be analyzed so as to avoid affecting the main structure while working on the add-on.

Do not compromise on the quality

Home addition projects boost the value of the home easily, provided they are within the allowed limits of the housing association rules. Whether it is to buy the basic supplies or to find entire structures like doors or windows, make sure that you pick someone who can deliver impeccable quality. After all, the addition should be an upgrade to the existing structure and should be of better quality that can complement the already existing building. I ordered my double glazed windows here and they were the best I could find for the new room I added.…

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Five Amazing ‘Do It Yourself at Home’ Projects

The idea of doing something creative is always appreciated. How about decorating your home interiors? Well, you can try these tips for bringing an amazing makeover to your home that indeed gifts you a splendid living atmosphere.

  1. Make a flowing flower curtain. Flowers are the happiest offering from nature. You can try with fresh flowers or else if you want to make it stay longer, consider the following steps.

To start with,

  • Initially, coat them with an epoxy material to make them last forever,
  • You can add a lovely scent to these beautiful creations,
  • And then, start wrapping them in threads and hang them on the curtain rods or similar thin sturdy log piece.

This can automatically bring home the feel of the flowering season. Moreover, you can try this, especially on auspicious occasions.

  1. An autumn texture at your home. Imagine the rose petals with their pleasant fragrance dropped all over the floors of your rooms. Further, you can enhance the naturality by lighting up your space with candles. Additionally, you can also keep some roses on your cupboards and bathrooms to render the great ambiance.

  1. Welcome your feasting guest with a fresh floral chandelier. It will be an awesome feature if you get one or two of these on your dining table. All you have to do is to simply arrange colorful flowers on the glass pot.

  1. Have you ever tried dyeing wool yourself at your comfort zone? Wools are something we use often for making cloth models. The plant chrysanthemums are really best for converting to wool.

  1. Painting a wall is another brilliant notion. Try coloring with contrast colors to the wall so that it gives a projecting sense. Additionally, you can also employ services like Rendervision Sydney 3D rendering for attractive wall works.

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4 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Moving Company

Moving to a new city or shifting the residence is a tiresome experience. However, the right management company can make this a smooth deal. But how do you select the best moving company from so many in the competitive market? There are third party websites that offer many options on packers and movers or moving companies. Here are the 4 things to consider before hiring a moving company.

  1. Budget – This is the first thing you have to check is the price as it has to be within your budget. Search reviews, star ratings, and word of mouth from your friends, etc. to help with the right price so you don’t feel they charged you too much. Moreover, you do not want to go bankrupt arriving at your new home!
  1. Track Record – If the company has maintained reputation for a number of years and proved many satisfied customers it is significant that they know the job well. Check what house moving they serviced like high rise buildings, heirlooms, etc. to ensure they know how to go about it.
  1. Licenses – It is very necessary to check for licenses of the travel company or moving company you choose. For inter – state transportation or packing and moving, the company must prove a dot number. This can be checked on the US Dept. Of Transportation official portal. For any reason, do not take a moving company that does not have a license number if are looking for moving company in prosper tx.
  1. Insurance – Ask questions about safety of furniture and appliances while transferring or transporting from one residence to another. Check if they provide safety guarantee or pay for any damages caused. If such, then what is covered under such damage like accidental, etc. The company insurance details also found online.
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