10 Reasons Home-Cooked is Always Best And Healthy

It’s cleaner

Usually, food from outside can be a risk to eat, look at the chipotle E.coli outbreak or the horrid sanitation requirements at large restaurants such as McDonalds and Wendy’s.

It’s cheaper and economical

Cooking at home is simply cheaper, if you decide to eat at a large restaurant of sorts the bill can be extremely hefty. To make a meal at home costs on average about 60% less and on top of that can often last longer and is healthier.

It’s healthier

Food cooked at home is healthier in most instances, this is because restaurants often pump loads of sugar and chemicals to make food taste better while food at home will never have to face this issue.

More Convenient

Restaurants require you to go out of your way to find and drive towards, it costs gas money and its annoying to plan out. Delivering food to your home can be a nuisance and is annoyingly expensive, that’s why at home cooking is generally speaking much easier and quicker to do and is also much healthier, cheaper, economical and cleaner.

Portion Size control

You can decide how much you want to cook, eating out means that often you will be stuck with portion sizes much more than you would actually want to eat and thus is often unhealthily loaded with calories and fat. Cooking at home reduces the chance of your portion sizes being out of control. You can even decide to add some nutrients by getting supplements (my favorite site for these are MOVOMOVO.com)

No additives

Additives and chemicals are often in heavily processed restaurant meals. By cooking at home, you can reduce the amount of chemicals you are getting in your food and therefore be healthier overall.

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