Top 10 Incredible Houseboats and Luxury Floating Homes

Is it not surprising that with more part of earth being covered with water, we still live on the land most of the times? Of course, people do have boats and they go on cruise vacations. There are sailors and adventure lovers who spend a long duration of time on the water floating in the vast oceans. However, there are many isolated areas where people live on houseboats. India, Thailand and Greece and some countries in Europe, have beautiful coastlines boasting of such homes where tourists can enjoy a break from their regular lives.

Here we are not speaking about the ordinary houseboats but those luxurious floating homes that you might have seen in the movies. These are expensive and lavish and are owned by super-rich people around the globe. The top ten super boats not in any particular order are:

  1. Axiom Star at Lake Powell,
  2. Luxuria
  3. Icon
  4. Metroship
  5. Matrix Island
  6. Bravada GT
  7. Evil Eye
  8. The M.2
  9. The Crossover houseboat
  10. Watervillaijburglaan in Amsterdam

Today the world is seeing these amazingly exclusive pieces of art. Each one is unique and customized according to individual specifications. The boats use the best timber possible and the exclusive furnishings sourced from the best architects and designers make the boat cozy and comfortable. These can have beautiful observation decks, covered with secure glass windows, open areas for sunbathing and yet a cozy interior in place. Signature designs and sleek exteriors add to the glamour of these floating homes. These boats boast of the best comfort in the world with amazingly convenient bedrooms, bars, and kitchens equipped with all modern tools.

There are some online websites and magazines where you can read about these luxurious floating homes. Here is this site that has the details of the most incredible yachts and houseboats. This allows you a wide variety of lavish and customizable homes that will take you to the next level of luxury living. You can equip your boat with some inspiration from these luxury homes.

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Refused Credit or Refused a Loan – Here’s What You Can Do

Getting a credit or a loan is an important financial transaction for everyone, especially if you are stuck in a pressing situation. You might need this credit to buy a new car, a new house or you might need some credit to get out of health emergencies. It is a very disappointing situation if your credit or loan is refused, you might feel lost and not know what to do next. This article will help you find some ways to get out of this situation.

1) Know what went wrong: There must be some reason the credit provider or banks rejected your credit or refused you a loan. Understand what went wrong, if it was your bad credit history, insufficient funds or income, or it was just some paperwork missing.

2) Before reapplying: You can apply for the loan again, but remember to rectify the previous mistakes. Wait until your income is sufficient or the paperwork is up to date before you reapply else your request will be rejected again wasting a lot of money and time. Correct the errors in credit report if that was the reason or repay other loans before applying for new ones.

3) Look for other options: If you are not able to fix the errors or wait till your salary is enough to get you a loan, look for other options. If you are applying for a loan for a car or house you can use a large amount in the down payment. This way your total loan amount will be reduced and creditors can think of approving it. If you want a personal loan for home renovations, use some collateral that will assure the creditors that they will get their money back. If your income is not sufficient, find a cosigner whose income can guarantee you the loan. Sometimes personal loan online verification process for other creditors or banks may allow overlooking some of these issues and providing you the loan you are looking for. It might be a good option to check these credit providers on…

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