Amazing Tips for a DIY Home Spa Day

So, you are at home today and wish to pamper yourself. What all would you indulge in to achieve this? Maybe to cook your favorite cuisine or visit your nearest parlor for a relaxing session. However, just imagine, how the experience would be if you get to stay back at home, in your most comfortable clothes and still reap all benefits you could have at the parlor? Well, obviously you can enjoy this way too if you have the perfect tips to do a body or hair spa at home only.

Since spa relaxes and rejuvenates in the most outstanding way, here we are with a few ideas for you to have an amazing spa session at home only.

How to go about a spa at home

Follow the below-given points and have a splendid day at home meeting your entire spa needs at once.

  • If you have dry or damaged hair, try to make herbal hair mask at home or use the most reliable one available in the market and let them revitalize their nutrition. Touch up your quiff with simple trimming to keep your look neat.

  • Carry out a brief yet effective manicure session and cleanse your nails to get rid of all the dirt and tanning in your arms. Remember that lemon and curd are great anti-tanning agents.

  • Prepare a mud mask for your face and apply it after thoroughly scrubbing it with a herbal scrub for about 10 minutes. Simply relax and enjoy.

  • Add some mild shampoo in half bucket warm water and soak your feet in it for a couple of minutes. Later, scrub them gently to get the tan off and admire your fresh looking feet throughout the day.

  • For your eyes, you can use a cucumber gel or simply place two cucumber pieces on them for about 15 minutes and wash off with cold water to add freshness to your eyes and areas around it.

These simple tricks will add a lot of charm to your inner and outer self every single time you follow them.…

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